Water Testing

Chemical Management, System Maintenance, Repairs
Onsite Water Testing and Evaluation
Bellwater Island Treatment Systems can perform informal onsite testing for some parameters, or we can arrange to send your samples to an accredited water testing lab.
We are certified to evaluate these lab water test results and provide potable water certificates.
Potable Water Certificates
The test results can be used for:
  • New home purchases (many lenders require proof of potable water)
  • Occupancy or building permits
  • Assessment of your raw water quality, so that we can design a water treatment system to provide you with safe drinking water and/or protect your water appliances and plumbing
This image is an aerial view of a marina on what appears to be Bowen Island, with a dense cluster of boats docked in the sheltered harbor. The marina is surrounded by lush, forested areas with a few clearings and buildings scattered throughout. A large body of water extends around the land, with several boats anchored offshore. The water transitions from a deep blue to a lighter, greenish hue near the shore, suggesting shallower depths or different seabed compositions. A road runs through the image, connecting different parts of the island with the marina, and there is a ferry or large boat moving towards the dock. The topography and dense greenery of the area indicate a serene and possibly remote location.